Second Change  

The trusted intermediate in collecting rights for patents, levies and Copy right infringement      

International collection and recovery of rights can be one of the most complicated and costly tasks your business will face. In your efforts to clear your books of delinquent debt and get cash flowing again, you are most likely having problem

       arriving at an amicable, out-of-court solution;

       communicating or negotiating in the language of your debtor;

       understanding the laws of the land where your debtor is located;

       dealing with an array of companies in a number of countries, across several time zones, and multiple currencies;

       finding reliable and cost-effective legal counsel in your debtor’s jurisdiction.

Second Change can intermediate between right holders, collecting authorities and companies who are in infringement. Second Change has a proven track record of working fast, and always on a “No Win, No Fee’ . 



       Market analysis for patent infringement

       Market analysis for copy levies infractions

       Insight in historic infringement up until statue of limitations

       Estimation of future impositions in patent breach or copy levies

       Collecting payment on patents for rightgolders

       Collecting levies for collecting authorities throughout Europe



       Commerce and Consumer

       International Trade

       Banking & Insurance

       Medical & Healthcare

       Hotel & Travel

       Government & Diplomatic Institutions

       Media & Telecom